Rules of Etiquette

Today my 7-year-old daughter Lucy handed me a list of rules she made up for her sister’s upcoming birthday. I thought that many of these rules would benefit society at large, so I will start educating the masses by posting the list here (I have corrected spelling so that the masses may be educated more easily):

Margaret’s Birthday Rules
1) Don’t stick out your tongue
2) Only one dessert per person, including adults
3) Don’t spit! No mean faces
4) Don’t say the cake is ugly
5) Don’t make personal remarks
6) You shall not touch the Queen’s stuff against her will
7) Don’t hit the Queen
8) Bow before the Queen!
9) Don’t bow sideways backwards
10) Don’t kick the Queen out of her throne
11) Don’t flick the Queen
12) Don’t spank he Queen
13) Don’t take any of the Queen’s stuff home
14) Don’t ask to watch TV!

Be arrested
Time out
Sit in the car
Can’t watch the Queen open presents


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