What's your Home School's name?

Do you have a name for your home school? I have been homeschooling for 2 years now, but haven’t pinned down “the” name for what we’re trying to do here. I love St. Therese, and much of what we do is modeled after her “Little Way,” but I don’t know if my boys would like a name reflecting this as much as my girls might. What are the names of YOUR home schools and why? OR, if you have chosen to remain nameless, why?


8 thoughts on “What's your Home School's name?

  1. Our homeschool is called “Most Pure Heart of Mary”. We have very little occasion to use this name, and I doubt very much if the smaller kiddos even know I named it once upon a time. Maybe this next school year we ought to make more of a point of using it. We are also beginning a co-op with the junior high students. Maybe we should name that too.

    re: icons – I am looking into any teachers in your area. I suppose my pipe dream of having classes here won’t work.

    Maybe your church could sponsor a workshop. That’s how I got started. I was expecting my 6th at the time. I have attended the workshop for 5 years, and all of them I was expecting or nursing. If you think your parish might be interested, I’ll pass on your info to my teacher, who travels here from out of state. My email addy is on my sidebar if you want.

  2. Kitty,
    I had this question last year when I first began homeschooling my son. So I asked a bunch of experts: many of the bloggers on my blogroll! I posted their responses here. I thought you might be interested to read what they all said.

    By the way, what about using the “little way” part instead of the St. Therese part in your name? That’s genderless.

  3. In Texas homeschools are considered private schools. So when we started homeschooling we chose a name. We chose it because we thought it indicated what we wanted to be: Lord and D- (our last name) Academy.

    We have since used it in two different cities. But the first time I’ve ever “needed” it was when my son had to have a school ID to take a test for dual credit at the community college.

    My husband printed up the ID with our “official” name. It’s what they needed. And E got to take the test.

  4. We hardly ever used our home school names either – most memorably, we made “school” library cards for some of our books when we were quite small. A few times we used the name when someone asked where we went to school and we didn’t feel like giving a long explanation. (This was back in the mid-eighties.) My brother and I chose our own, different names. I named my home school after my great grandmother, Caroline Endt Home School. My brother chose Willow Hill School, I think because he liked the sound of it.

  5. We are called the Joyful Noise Christian School. The Pipsqueak was nearly three before she made any noise at all. When she did, she made them all… laughed, spoke in complete sentences, the works! A true miracle! She hasn’t been quiet since! LOL!

    (Found my way here through Renee over at Crazy Acres *Smile*)

  6. We are called Lakeside Academy. Our last house had a small, neighborhood lake in front of it. We moved about a year ago, but now we live within a mile of another, larger lake, so we’ve kept the name.

  7. We are called Lakeside Academy. Our house had a small, neighborhood lake in front of it. We moved about a year ago, but live within a mile of another, larger lake, so the name still works.

  8. Hmmm… I have thought of naming our HOUSE “Windy Side,” but I had not thought of having that be our school’s name. We will hopefully be moving before the fall, so I don’t know if that name will still be applicable once we begin school again.

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