Where I'm From

I found this and thought it would be interesting to try it. And interesting exercise in remembering your childhood & adolescence. Where are YOU from?


I am from Dorothy Hammil haircuts, from Otter Pops and Star Wars.

I am from the big brick house my father built, from the musty old house of our poverty, and the windy house of our love. From the white house with the picket fence and the lemon tree, the 619 house, and the Wong’s house.

I am from the California Poppy, the pink desert primrose, and the dust; from the Texas Bluebonnet, the pecan tree, and the humidity; from the Colorado Columbine, the lilac and the snow. I am from the Rose.

I am from Midnight Mass and unplanned Sundays, from Grandma and Grandpa, from Abuelito and Abuelita, from Borobia & Bodenhammer.

I am from giving till it hurts and praying till it stops hurting.

From “te lo haran tus hijos” and “you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.”

I am from Christ Crucified. From Feasts and Fasts, sin and sorrow for sin, loneliness and love.

I’m from Spain, Portugal, Germany, England & Scotland; from spaghetti & Ragu and Enchiladas Suizas.

From the hiding of priests and clandestine marriages in Abuelita’s basement, the stone bridge Thomas Skelton Hutchinson built in Scotland, and Tommy’s ability to pick up any musical instrument and play it well.

I am from lost heirlooms, memories of long dinners and conversations at my grandmother’s table, from the clown blanket Aunt Toni made for me, and the graduation dress my Mother made for my sister, the blue linen Confirmation dress she made for me, and the smocked dresses she made for my daughters.

I am a child of God and hope someday to return Home.


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