Corpus Christi

Today I have been perusing other blogs, looking at pictures of Pope Benedict XVI’s Corpus Christi procession in Rome. Then I saw pictures of like processions in different countries. I hope the US will have some this weekend, but I am sad to think that we might not. Jesus Christ our Lord gave His very LIFE for us, and are we too embarrassed to walk among our neighbors showing the world that we love Him? Or don’t we believe that He is here with us in the Holy Eucharist? What a gift God has given us! We can receive our Lord every day if we want to, and yet we ignore Him all week, and can’t even acknowlege in public that He is God. If your parish, diocese or archdiocese is having a procession in honor of our Lord, please post about it here! If there are pictures, please post a link. I would love to see them.


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