Kids' Novena to St. Joseph

This morning the kids and I decided to write a novena prayer to St. Joseph to sell our house. You see, yesterday a family came to see it and they really liked it! They only need to get their mom’s ok and they’ll make an offer in a few days, so we are pretty excited.

Anyway, this is what we came up with as Margaret (5) came up with the rhymes, Andrew (4) drew and colored St. Joseph, and Lucy (7) wrote out the prayer (I left in her capitalization).

Dear Saint Joseph to thee we pray,
We start our Novena in the month of May.
Please help us Sell our house Soon
So that we can Move today at Noon.
Today in school we shall say this Novena
today and every Day help me be Good as Gold.
I love you Saint Joseph and all the Saints and Angels. Amen.
And Anne says to tell you we have a new baby.

Since it is already 11 AM, I don’t expect St. Joseph to make me pack the whole house by noon, but I have no doubts he will hear the children’s prayer and smile.


3 thoughts on “Kids' Novena to St. Joseph

  1. This is very cute! In my experience, when children pray for family concerns, they realize what an important part of the family they are, as well as how powerful prayer is. I never had mine actually write the prayer ~ what a great idea!

  2. That is so cool! May your prayers soon be answered!

    When my children start praying on their own for what has been worrying the adults for a bit, I find myself pitching in an extra prayer that God will provide the answer real soon so they will have more memories to strengthen their won walk with Him.

    Susan 🙂

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