Selling a House and Finding a Home

St. Joseph, pray for us.

We put our house on the market towards the end of September, 2005. We thought we would sell it within a month and be in our new house by Thanksgiving. I packed up anything I didn’t think we’d need until after Christmas to put in the garage, including summer clothes and books I usually use for Lent and Easter. A few people came to see it, but almost always right after a snowstorm, when there was mud on the floor from several pairs of little boots.

Well, the snowstorms are just about over for the winter, and our house is still on the market. I had to go a couple of times to dig through boxes to find that certain cookbook or an extra blanket (thank goodness I labeled most of the boxes before Ian took them out to the garage), but for the most part I haven’t missed anything I packed away.

Our house still has too much “stuff” in it, but we have been slowly giving away, throwing away, and finding peace in less. When the realtor’s office calls and says that someone wants to come see the house in an hour, we can say yes (the only exception was when I was in labor a couple of months ago), and have the house looking good and the kids in the van to go see their grandmother or Daddy within the time allotted.

I am not sure what I meant to say in this post, except that in spite of being ready to move to a new house since last October, I am at peace with being here a while longer. I hope we can begin the new school year in our new place in September, but I hoped we’d spend last Christmas there, too. I went through a small anxiety attack when I was about to give birth to my youngest son, but Ian assured me that I would not have to lift a finger if we had to move at that time, and since his birth, I have learned to take one day at a time, and fill it with as much prayer and happiness as I can. I really can’t live as if this were no longer our home. I must let the kids play and not be afraid that they’ll make a mess. This IS our home until we sell it, and we will surely have at least a month to pack things up before we move.

In the meantime, I am trying to finish up the school year with the kids, and give away or toss as much as possible. If something we have is not worth moving to a new place, out it goes. And since I have not missed most of what’s in the garage, I am seriously considering just dropping off the boxes at a local charity! That’s a lot of storage space that could be used for something we want to keep, or even for keeping it empty. I am sure that a lot of what we have could be more useful to someone else. I am striving to live simply and teach our kids to live simply as well.

If someone comes to see the house today and wants to buy it – GREAT! But if not, I can live with that too. Our novena doesn’t end until Thursday. I can hang on patiently until then šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Selling a House and Finding a Home

  1. I am sure that I should respond to this post with commendations for the panache and serenity with which you are handling this situation, but, as a person about to list a house for semi-urgent relocation plans…

    …you have struck fear. Deep in the heart of me.

    Prayers that you will have an offer soon!

  2. Thank you for your prayers! I will pray for you too, as you prepare to sell your house. It is not fun, but it can be an oportunity to practice that patience we’re always asking God to give us! God bless, Kitty

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