Got Kids?

My oldest child just turned 7. No twins, although I do get asked that a lot! I rarely go out with all 6 of them alone, but when insanity strikes I have been known to enter Walmart or go to a park without another adult.

Mothers Rule Of LifeI try to have a Mother’s Sabbath once a month (read the wonderful book A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot). That means that I go out without children (except for whoever is nursing at the time), go to confession and/or see my spiritual director, do the grocery shopping for the week, go out to lunch, and then do whatever I need to do to “recharge” my batteries. My husband does not like to window shop, but I really do, so I walk around one or two of my favorite shops. I was given a bunch of gift cards for Christmas, and I haven’t redeemed them all, so I sometimes buy something with one of them. When the weather is nice I might take a book of a spiritual nature to a park or other nice outdoor place where I can sit and read. Meanwhile, my husband keeps the kids at home.

When I do have to go out with all the children (usually WITH my husband), I have a secret weapon: Put on lipstick and smile. I recently got my hair cut and intend to keep it looking nice so as to be a better witness! If I look better, I feel better and I stand up straighter and somehow this gives me greater confidence. If anyone asks about our family size, I smile and say my kids are a blessing from God, and we would not have it any other way. Usually they don’t say anything derogatory after that. Sometimes someone will say “I don’t have the patience for so many kids” and I say, “Neither do I, but God is teaching me.”


One thought on “Got Kids?

  1. That sounds like a great idea. I wish I had the discipline to take more me time. Maybe after reading this, I’ll be inspired to try it.

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